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What is Pandox?
Pandox is the Business Analyst for Franchises and Companies with multiple branches, it helps sellers and administrators to accomplish their objectives and improve performance
Why does Pandox begins?
Retail business administration needs several systems that generates a large amount of data. The analysis takes too much time and delays decision making.
Virtual Analyst
Our Virtual Analyst is responsable for processing all available data and report live what’s happening in your business.
How does it work?
Pandox connects to all management systems, providing the information in real time so you can see what is happening in your business wherever you are.
For Whom?
Exclusively designed for Retail. Pandox helps sellers and managers to easily know their performance from a fast, intuitive and intelligent App.
Who uses Pandox
Pandox is the ideal ally for those who want to automate the management of their business.
Supervisors check their sales in real time without wasting a minute. They can view business statistics and metrics from anywhere with the mobile app.
Manage multiple branches
Evaluate sales metrics and objectives and stock inventory.
Sellers can check the store stock from any other branch, be informed about current discounts and make their sales without neglecting the customer. They can evaluate their performance and view the proposed sales objectives.
Provide better advice
Self-assess their performance
Pandox benefits
Pandox is the ideal tool to follow your business minute by minute wherever you are!
1. Real Time information
It´s no longer necessary to wait until the end of the day to receive information about your business.
2. Complete integration with POS Systems
We realize the amount of stress produced by operation changes, that’s why Pandox integrates with the most used systems in the market.
3. 100% mobile
With Pandox BI access to all the information and statistics wherever you are, with any mobile device.
4. Increases productivity
With real-time information, sales and customers are no longer lost. Vendors and supervisors will be able to evaluate their objectives minute by minute
5. Alarms and Push Notifications
Set alarms or notifications for under or over stock points and product rotation, among other things.
Pandox has all the necessary functions, organized in modules for supervirsors and sellers to fully track the store activities.
When and wherever you are, view the amount of sales of every branch
Define objectives, so sellers and supervisors can check the stores performance.
Define objectives, so sellers and supervisors can check the stores performance.
Who chooses Pandox?
Our platform is developed for those who want to improve their commercial efficiency and boost their sales.
Retail Representatives
Those who wish to improve their commercial efficiency and enhance the productivity of their sales team
Companies with multiple branches in different cities and countries
They need real-time information to make decisions, measure results and control their operations throughout their network.
Shopping Malls
They can collect and analyze the information of their tenants, optimizing the time and costs associated with manual work. Pondría también algo como. And augment stores sales by increasing customers visits and time spent in the mall
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Connect Pandox to your business!
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